Who am I

I am Virginie, married to my best friend and sometimes ‘manager’ (thank you mr K) and loving mother of my own two sweet girls and one extra + daughter I am so thankful for.

I love art, photography, music, nature and basicly anything that inspires me… everything that touches the soul. It all began in my early years of my childhood. I was kind of cut from reality, living in my own fantasy world… As I felt that the real world was sometimes too harsh for me. My favorite escape was drawing. Drawing, daydreaming, making my own fairytales, and being amazed whenever I discovered another creature, flower, or shade of colour. My pencil became my best friend and accompanied me along the years helping me to release what I was holding back inside by bringing it out making another drawing.

I grew up and when I was a young woman I worked with children who were ill and had to stay at home. I discovered I loved working with them. The innocence and pureness of children, was so inspiring and furfilling. Later I worked as a helping teacher in classes with very young children.
When I was older and became a mom of two beautiful daughters Pauline & Charlotte, I wanted to work from home and began as a family photographer in my home studio. I loved to make memories for those families. I also loved travelling, an absolute Italy-lover and I love capturing beautiful things and views with my camera.
The drawing became an old memory… untill my niece asked me to draw her a birth announcement for her babygirl to be born… The moment that I drew the first sketches I felt the magic reborn! How I missed that feeling after all those years. I knew at that point I had to hold on to my dream. I had forgotton how crucial drawing was for me… Now I know, it is a part of my personality.
So, since four years I work fulltime as an illustrator. I am so happy I can create a little piece of happiness or fantasy for someone in different ways. What am I lucky to be doing what I love most in this world !